What are some dog treats that are good for sensitive digestion?

Question by Amos: What are some dog treats that are good for sensitive digestion?
My 4 month old Boxer has had runny stool with every treat I’ve tried with her. What is a good treat for a dog with a sensitive digestive tract?

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Answer by Kathleen
For a puppy so young, I wouldn’t use any treat at all. I would simply use her kibble instead. Why risk upsetting her stomach?

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  1. Jo says:

    On this one you should at least call your vet and see what they recommend. They may want you to take her in so they can find out what.is the cause of the.problem.

  2. Del Mer says:

    “Doctor, It hurts every time I do this.”

    “Then stop doing that.”

    If you need some training treats try LITTLE pieces of cooked chicken.
    Treats just to give a dog a treat? forget it.

  3. Belgian Nut says:

    What treats are you giving her? Cheap treats are full of sugars, dyes, fillers like corn and wheat that are hard for dogs to digest and a major cause of food allergies. Try quality treats made by the same companies that make high quality dog food – Innova, Wellness, Solid Gold, Mother Hubbard – all make good quality treats. My favorite commercial treats for training rewards are Zuke’s – they’re tiny, chewy, only 3 calories and excellent quality – no cheap fillers.

  4. heart says:

    I agree with the above answer. Start by reading ingredients, and use the simplest ingredients. If the ingredient list for TREATS is a chapter long, pass it up…dogs don’t require food dyes, sugars, or lots of byproducts in Treats. I also agree with the other answers..she’s pretty young and sounds like she shouldn’t get any treats until her stomach has time to settle down. When her stomach has had a few weeks with no problem, you may want to try some healthy veggies for a treat…sometimes dogs love cut up carrots and green beans. Mine love sugar snap peas. When I want a high value reward, I use dehydrated salmon or beef (made in the USA…beef jerky from China has killed hundreds of pets)

  5. Chelsea Lately says:

    Natural Balance has treats that are LIT (limited Ingredient treats). These only contain a few ingredients and should be ok for your dog to try. You’ll need to try them for longer than a few days..his body needs to get used to them. http://www.naturalbalanceinc.com/product-category.aspx?ProductCategoryID=10&category=Dog+Treats&ProductPage=2
    I feed NB healthy bones. You can find these on the first page of the website I gave you.

    You could also try Blue Buffalo Health bars or LIT Biscuits.
    I’ve fed the health bars and my dog liked them. The LIT Biscuits are new so I haven’t tried those yet.
    Sorry here’s the link I forgot to add: http://www.bluebuffalo.com/healthy-dog-treats

    Good luck :]

  6. Some should stick to pet rocks says:

    We buy ground turkey, make little meat balls out of them. Maybe 3/4 to 1″ in diameter. Nothing but turkey meat, simmer them till done. It makes about 3 dozen treats that are safe and healthy. Of course you have to refrigerate them. Depending on how fast you feed them you could freeze half… Actually for a teething pup, frozen might be better….

  7. Alison says:

    I used a ball as a treat for my dog. Even with training. She sits she gets ball, she comes she gets the ball. Now she loves her ball and will do anything for her ball.

    For “treats” I didn’t give her much. If I did it was nutro biscuits.

  8. Robin S says:

    Nutro Natural Choice treats for sensitive stomach. The bags are mint colored. They are excellent and unlike many other dog food companies Nutro makes their OWN treats and their OWN foods in their OWN plant. That is something most other pet food companies can’t say.

  9. dorothy s says:

    Manufactured dog treats are rubbish, don’t buy them. If you are training her with treats as a reward,try the following. However you should wait until her stools are healthy.

    Cooked Chicken – Iceland and Aldi have pieces of cooked chicken it’s available in bags which are about the size of a bag of frozen chip. The pieces of chicken are the size of a frozen chip. Dogs love this, I defrost the amount which I need for a training session and for my GSD I chop the pieces into the size of my little finger nail It’s cheaper than commercial dog treats and much healthier.
    Cheese – Buy a large block of HARD cheese, chop it up, bag it and freeze it.
    Sausage – It’s available as hot dogs in tins or you can simply buy ordinary sausage from the butchers, cook it, slice it and then freeze it. Supermarkets also sell cooked smoked sausage which you can also chop up and freeze

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