Probiotics – Digestive & Immune System Support

www.mercola.comNatural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola explains the importance of probiotics and how it can help keep your digestive and immune system healthy. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.
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25 Responses to Probiotics – Digestive & Immune System Support

  1. choxblox says:

    Fermentation and putrification is nature`s dance between life and death, health and illness, preserving and destroying. See YouTube video “Fermentation, Simplified”.

  2. mercola says:

    Ours of course

  3. KENA311 says:

    Hi, Dr. Mercola, My question is, wich probiotics company you think is the best one in the market?

  4. dinotx69 says:

    A great majority of vitamins contain magnesium stearate. Did he say only for probiotics?

  5. witness402 says:

    hard to do almost everything has soy in it and the good people food cost to much for most people,
    i would say grow your own but if u live near farm land the the gm food will pollinate it and then your still fucked

  6. HappierHealthierYou says:

    standard american diet i think is what he is addressing, he said before you could get all your vitamins and minerals from a healthy diet, maybe hard is the wrong word… more like uncommon… i mean come on how many people eat a burger, pizza compared to a healthy paleo diet..

  7. bLuebhErie says:

    Thanks for this helpful video!! I just have a question, coz i think i have yeast infection, and i want to take probiotic supplement, but i just wanna know wat specific good bacteria shud i look for that works against vaginal yeast infection?? Wats the name called on the label?

  8. forbiddenfoe says:

    thank you Dr. Mercola, your advice has changed my life for the better.

  9. Sunny066 says:

    why is titanium dioxide bad in ur supplements?

  10. Hells2TheYea says:

    In most cases, yes. But if you have candida issues, diet alone won’t fix it.

  11. dance20034 says:

    Soy is horrible as it’s highly processed with pesticides. Read his website for more information on this danger.

  12. dance20034 says:

    For him being a fraud, he’s methods cured me of a life-long medical ailment! If Dr. Mercola was a true salesman out to make money, he’d start a network marketing company like Amway and Shaklee and make a ton a money off of it. That’s not his purpose. He wants to help people get healthy and he’s done that for me. You speak out of ignorance sir.

  13. alm260 says:

    He wrote a whole book on the dangers of sugar.

  14. mproductionsmusik says:

    Dr.Mercola is a great doctor! but how many supplement him & is family are taking LOL ..

  15. ksmithdc says:

    I do research all the time. I’m also a published author. So because one supplement company is under investigation that means all supplements are worthless? Would you like for me to list all the pharmaceuticals that were FDA approved and then later found to kill people? I trust and respect Dr. Mercola. His credentials are impeccable and he’s earned my trust. When you get your doctorate, give me a ring and then I’ll listen to you. Maybe.

  16. ksmithdc says:

    Dr. Mercola has forgotten more about physiology than you’ll ever know. The allopathic medical community and the pharmaceutical industry are the ones who want people to turn into pill poppers. The difference is that their stuff kills people. BTW, what credentials do you have? How are you even qualified to second guess Dr. Mercola?

  17. ksmithdc says:

    No, not everybody in the world – but those people who don’t get a balance of omega 3 – omega 6 FFA’s most certainly will benefit. This isn’t something that only alt-health people endorse. The American Medical Association endorses it now too. And you can believe anything you want about the problems associated with inadequate sunlight exposure. But the current research doesn’t believe it’s “stupid”. There’s an abundance of data which proves this. Obtain a clue, please.

  18. 2012MTV says:

    Dr. Mercola is the MAN!!! I’m voting for him to be president in 2012!!! The fact of the matter is… The better nutrition people have… the more positive outlook they will have… Therefore by listening to Dr. Mercola and altering one’s life in accordance to what he’s saying (which he’s PROVING to be right to you people)!!! You’ll all be a lot healthier, which in term, makes you more happier, which in term makes society a better place to live in!!!

  19. 2012MTV says:

    The real problem though is, until society looks within and actually takes control of themselves first and stops blaming others for their own perceptions, they’ll always question everybody and everything due to the fact that they don’t even believe in themselves yet!! That’s our goal as the band, 2012, to bring as much awareness to the world as possible of the things in life that are decreasing everybody’s lifespan. But we’re doing it through a Media/entertainment standpoint..

  20. jeka100 says:

    if u ever taken antibiotics,took vaccines or birth control, doctor big pharma u need good bacteria, I am yet to find person who never taken any of them them, u must know that u probably described tones

  21. jeka100 says:

    true except mercola and himalaya  which dont use magnesium stearate and titanium dioxide, good luck finding brand that does not have them in the ingredients at whole foods stores and other junk supplement stores

  22. ksmithdc says:

    I agree that we need good nutrition. However nobody’s diet is perfect. And for those of us who don’t live near the coast (and can’t get fresh fish for an affordable price), we need to supplement our diets with fish oils. Additionally, those of us who live in the northern climate don’t get enough sunlight, and as such need vitamin D3 supplements. There’s also a good case to be made from taking probiotics – as Mercola points out.

  23. mrjazz747 says:

    DrSeptember, are you a physician or a wannabe? Are you working for Big Pharma (a.k.a. piles of dog manure) because it seems like everything Mercola is saying you’re against, and that’s what lots of MDs and drug companies do best. They’re trying to discredit natural foods and promoting their profit-making drugs that ends up making you worse. These scumbags don’t care about no one but themselves and their bank account. In my eyes, they’re just a pile of dog manure.

  24. StopTheRobbery says:

    You’re right, good nutrition is what we need!

    But sadly, with produce grown in high-pesticidal and low nutrient dense soils, some of which has been genetically modified, makes it very hard.

    I hope to see a day in my life when the entire world is organic and we’re no longer extracting from it it’s valuable resources.

  25. Koolvedge says:

    There are complete foods that give you every thing you need.

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