How to pick a healthy puppy – Tips to choosing a healthy dog How to pick a healthy puppy – Tips to choose a healthy dog It’s even more important to pick a healthy puppy than it is to pick an adorable one. Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible, tells you what you need to check out, from nose to tail, to make sure the dog you want to take home is a healthy puppy. Keywords: pick a healthy puppy dog choose a healthy puppy dog

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24 Responses to How to pick a healthy puppy – Tips to choosing a healthy dog

  1. HowdiniGuru says:

    Yes!  Super adorable!

  2. theshizzol11 says:

    that puppy is adorable.

  3. jacquelineroxx says:

    the puppy is SOOO cute!!!!!

  4. lightheartedVIII says:

    The dogs at pet store might end up in a shelter or get euthanized. But what matters more is that the puppy mill that produces puppies for the pet store runs out of business. That means more lives can be saved as dogs won’t be bred in poor conditions.

  5. addagirl100 says:

    so cute!!!

  6. Abigail3C says:

    Everyone the breed of this puppy is a golden retriever :-)

  7. sunil237 says:

    The pet stores would breed less animals. If there is a lower demand, then they lower supply. Pet stores are businesses, they aren’t going to just keep at the same level of “production” when less people buy their “products”.
    I feel evil and dirty for having typed that, but it’s true.

  8. moonof1994ad says:

    clever one

  9. LEONEN702 says:

    @anhacus LOL

  10. roleplayingnoob says:

    They go to the shelter! It’s a cycle!

  11. msmithstud says:

    i know everyone keeps advocating to go to a shelter and not buy from a pet store, but my question is if everyone were to go to a shelter then what happends to the dogs from the pet stores that are never purchased ?

  12. Wolfsaver12x says:

    XD i can’t believe some people think its a maltese! those people obviously don’t know there breeds.

  13. Ball4184 says:

    the dog is like -_-

  14. LambdaLady07 says:

    Teeth… Check the teeth too. No bacteria odor and good wet pink tounge

  15. isaidwombo says:

    Don’t buy adopt from a shelter :)

  16. UshEmmy says:

    aww it so cute =]

  17. arnold4life476 says:

    golden retriever

  18. loveronnieradke1998 says:

    its a golden retriever

  19. SuperRehank says:

    its a Maltese!!! 

  20. tukun3104 says:

    which kind of breed is this…… pls tell i am gonna buy a puppy so pls help ^_^

  21. JessieJ5 says:


  22. americangirl2000100 says:

    what breed is it soo cute

  23. reidharr35 says:

    if you liked animals you would pick a sick one and make it better…bitch

  24. designerdogbeds says:

    Thanks for the great information! great video!

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